Driver Improvement Program

Tactical Firearms Academy is proud to present, in participation with Miami-Dade College School of Justice, for Civilian Drivers, Vehicle Operations and Techniques.

The classroom curriculum (3 Hours):

Classroom presentation of goals and skills to be achieved during the driving portion of the class. During this time, the students will learn about the dynamics of the vehicle as well as be able to interact with instructors to fully understand the principals of driving under stressful conditions, prior to real exercises on the range.

  • Review of Vehicle Dynamics
    • Pitch
    • Roll
    • Yaw
    • Understeer
    • Oversteer
    • Centripetal Force
    • Centrifugal Force
    • Weight Transfer
  • Goodyear Tire Bulletins
  • Distracted Driving. Habits and solutions


Driving course curriculum (4 Hours):

  • Vehicle Performance Drills and Evaluation
    • Evasive Maneuver
      • The ability to make a quick lane change, simulating avoiding a collision. Proper use of accelerator and steering techniques.
    • Braking Technique
      • The ability to stop the vehicle smoothly, and quickly, without loosing steering control utilizing various acceptable braking techniques.
    • Backing Technique
      • The ability to back the vehicle through an exercise demonstrating control and understanding of vehicle clearance.
    • Forward Serpentine
      • The ability to steer smoothly between a series of cones demonstrating proper hand position and limited weight transfer.
    • Cornering Technique
      • The ability to corner smoothly without radical weight transfer, selecting a proper apex and using appropriate steering methods.
    • Skid Control Technique
      • The ability to regain control of a skidding vehicle, utilizing proper steering methods and use of the accelerator.
  • Final Class Discussions
  • Course/Instructor Evaluations

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