Selecting the right firearms instructor is one of the most important decisions you will make. 

It is important to choose someone that you feel comfortable with and can learn from. 

Tactical Firearms Academy (TFA) has been in operations for over twenty years with an instructor team background in military, law enforcement, competition shooting, and private law enforcement. 

TFA’s instructors stay current on the latest shooting techniques by attending continuing education courses as part of license requirements and to offer their students the most current practical shooting applications. 

“Your Trainer For Life”

Tactical Pistol Courses

The Tactical Firearms Academy staff have more than 50 years of combined expertise in firearms training. All of our instructors are licensed with the State of Florida and insured through the NRA instructor programs. All instructors maintain an active status in the public and private law enforcement world. Backed by the U.S. Department of State, NRA, FDLE, and the State of Florida, our instructors are constantly updating their training curriculum in order to bring you the latest in firearm tactics and manipulation training.  We offer unique, useful, and time proven tactical concepts for those attending our training courses.

Through our relationship with KGB Armament we are able to offer our students the ability to purchase ammunition and firearms, including Class III and NFA items, at prices that are highly competitive.

We are fully committed to providing  you the safest, cost effective and most comprehensive training courses available. We believe when using a firearm to protect your life or the lives of others, you should be committed to getting the necessary training to be effective and safe. Tactical Firearms Academy’s training regimen is firmly rooted in the cutting edge, real-world capabilities of our instructors. What we teach is not based upon theoretical assumption, but on our own extensive street experience and worldwide survival skills. We are in a constant state of learning and consider ourselves perpetual students.

  • Andy at Tactical Firearms Academy is in a league of his own when it comes to his ability to effectively get students up to speed. If you attend his class with an open mind, you will be a better shooter at the end of the day. I will warn you, his courses are no joke. Be prepared for a long day with a lot of shooting.

    Greyson Pendry Avatar
    Greyson Pendry

    Did the Tactical Pistol I course, and it was amazing. Can't wait for Tactical Pistol II. Thank you Terry and Andy!

    Brandon Conde Avatar
    Brandon Conde

    CLASS: PISTOL 1- I chose this class because I am preparing to enter into the police academy and a career in law enforcement and I want to be as trained up as possible. I also chose this class for my wife. I didn't let my ego get in the way of her learning how to use a firearm properly and safely. I gave that headache to TFA, (ha ha joke, NOT!). I chose TFA because of the Excellent reviews and I was not disappointed. In fact I was very impressed. It was far better than I had hoped. I learned so m... read more

    Ronald De L'Etoile Avatar
    Ronald De L'Etoile

    I had the pleasure of taking Tactical Pistol 1. The team, lead by Andy, met or exceeded my expectations of tactical training.Professional. The team is not focused on being YouTube stars, rather on parting their years of training and hands-on experience to the students. I was impressed that Andy, the owner of Tactical Firearms Academy, was the lead instructor and trainer. Other places I have trained offer surrogates.Logical approach to training. The approach was no nonsense. Again, unlike other p... read more

    Michael Robbins Avatar
    Michael Robbins
  • Outstanding experience, the instructors were very professional and knowledgeable. This class will prepare you if you want to conceal carry or you own a pistol handgun at home for self preservation.

    dania Gómez Avatar
    dania Gómez

    I took the Concealed Weapons Licence course and an Intro to Firearms with Andy Blaschik. The CWL course covered everything you need to know to obtain your concealed weapons permit. Andy was thorough and referenced real life scenarios which made for not only a better understanding of the laws, but made the class interactive and not boring (could you imagine sitting through 3 hours of reading Florida Statutes straight from a book...snore).I also participated in a private session with Andy to go ov... read more

    Nikki Paul Avatar
    Nikki Paul

    I wanted to gain some expertise in using my firearm and searched the Web for many different training schools. I came across TFA, and was very impressed by their website. It was in formative and very specific. PLUS they offer a variety of classes. And it fit my schedule. Most importantly their staff has many years of experience. I recently attended the Tactical pistol 1 course and I have to say it was an amazing experience. Safety was of the upmost importance. And any concerns were immediately ad... read more

    abraham camayd Avatar
    abraham camayd

    The decision to take this defensive firearms training is one of the best decisions I've ever made. If you think because you purchased a firearm and have a concealed weapons permit you are prepared to use this weapon in a true defensive situation, you could be "dead" wrong. There is so much more to being prepared than just shooting at a paper target. Tactical Firearms Training teaches you how to prepare and feel confident in real life situations, where you have mere seconds to make the right d... read more

    Bonnie Knibloe Avatar
    Bonnie Knibloe
  • Amazing experience and excellent staff. Andy and his staff are probably the best instructors at what they do. What they do is get you ready for real world threats and that is life saving instruction. I will definitely take more classes with TFA.

    Est. 1982 Avatar
    Est. 1982

    Just took the Tactical Pistol 1 with Andy, and it was an amazing learning experienceCome and learn about TFA's 8 fundamentals of shooting, how they work and WHY they work!Advanced shooters or novices who want to learn how to handle and accurately shoot a handgun should come take a class with Tactical Firearms Academy.

    Sebastian Sanchez Avatar
    Sebastian Sanchez

    I attended an extremely well organized presentation this month for Tactical Pistol I at Pop's Gun Range, put on by the Tactical Firearms Academy. Andy, and the rest of his staff, put us through our paces over a nine hour period, covering all the essentials in well thought out course. All questions were answered and I came away better prepared to handle a firearm. Highly recommended.

    Hugh J McLaughlin Avatar
    Hugh J McLaughlin

    I recently took the Tactical Pistol I class with Andy - it was a great experience. I thought that I was fairly knowledgeable in regards to handling a firearm but I found out that I really didn't know what I didn't know. The entire class was a learning experience. Andy and all of the support instructors were fantastic. I would highly recommend this class to anyone looking to either learn new skills or improve existing skillsmark w.

    Mark Wilson Avatar
    Mark Wilson
  • Highly recommended! From first time shooter to experts. I took a private training session and learned more than I expected. Quality over quantity! I could not be happier with my experience can't wait for my next season!

    Oscar Rodriguez Avatar
    Oscar Rodriguez

    On Saturday of Memorial Day weekend I trained again with Tactical Firearms Academy, this time, Tactical Pistol 1. Again a very positive experience. Andy gives you what you pay for. If you want intensive, safety based, hands on training, you will benefit from this course, especially if you are a CWP holder and have never had any training. You will improve your gunhandling/safety skills, and be given the tools and techniques to clear malfunctions, safely load and unload your weapon, draw from a ho... read more

    Mike Shockley Avatar
    Mike Shockley

    I was impressed with the instructors knowledge and abilities. They not only were greatteachers they can all walk the walk and are very talented shooters.You are taught real world scenarios and and ways to survive them. This is all in a safe controlled environment. You also have to pass a shooting ability test to pass the course. You are not given a pass certificate because you paid the price of admission.I highly recommend this and all other classes they teach if you want to or carry a firearm ... read more

    Brad VanDonsel Avatar
    Brad VanDonsel

    Took the Tactical Pistol 1 course this past weekend. Absolutely awesome. Had some experience prior to taking the course but, I definitely learned a lot in the class. Environment was safe and comfortable. They will explain to you every reason why they do what they do. Down to Earth and these guys know what they're doing. Definitely looking into taking some of the other courses they offer. They will make sure that you get your money's worth, one of the instructors or range officers will help you o... read more

    Harrison Mc Avatar
    Harrison Mc
  • After another local traning company refused to return our emails and calls for two weeks to setup a private 6 person class, andy from TFA got back to us same day and we setup our private carbine class. the class was very safety oriented and was scaled to the skills of our group. the drills were fun and we learned a lot. the class was very physically demanding but I would definitely take it again. the qualifier at the end was challenging but not out of reach. I look forward to taking this class a... read more

    Northkai3 Avatar

    I just attended the Tactical Pistol I all-day class with Andy, and I could not be happier with the results. He's a fantastic and very experienced instructor who really stresses the importance of key concepts such as proper weapon education, weapon handling, situational awareness, training, and so much more. Him and his assistant instructors break down concepts for you and analyze what it is that you're doing wrong in the moment so that you can correct these errors and improve. At the end of the ... read more

    SRTLarx Avatar

    I attended my first course with TFA yesterday, Tactical Pistol I. I would highly recommend this course for anyone serious about learning how to safely own a firearm. Andy and his staff are extremely knowledgeable and run a very professional program. I learned a lot and enjoyed the experience throughly. If you own a gun, you need to learn from the experts. These are your guys!

    Dr.Steven Sheiner Avatar
    Dr.Steven Sheiner

    Carbine Tactics I, With Andy B. Excellent course!A lot of learning with a lot of fun.IT exceeded all my expectations. Can't wait to go back.Thanks!

    Piratices PT Avatar
    Piratices PT
  • I just completed the tactical carbine class on 5/14/16. For those interested in learning how to properly use a carbine as well as how to handle any malfunctions, this class is perfect. Andy provides great instruction and you are able to put what he teaches to the test as the class is spent half the day learning, the other half practicing with live fire (you will probably end up shooting at least 300 rounds minimum at multiple distances). If you have taken the tactical pistol 2 class, you will s... read more

    Jonathan Quintero Avatar
    Jonathan Quintero

    Saturday June 16, 2019The 3 of us of the ladies group met with Andy at a outside shooting range. Pre work shooting was done in order for Andy to direct this 4 hour training.We worked on target accuracy, moving off the X, shooting accurately from inside ready position, then adding movement by walking and shooting to the left.This four hour class captured details that we needed to improve our practice which will ultimately improve our gun handling and accuracy skills.Anyone interested in improvi... read more

    Deb Lamberti Avatar
    Deb Lamberti

    Once again I had an incredible experience with Andy Blaschik at the MP5 operators course.Every course I have done with Tactical Firearms Academy including the Pistol and carbine courses have been so informative and practical. I learn so much fundamentals and technique with each course building on the next and reinforcing all the concepts. Andy is an amazing instructor and is super professional. You will love it!! Recommend highly and bring lots of ammo!Phillip Craft Miami

    Phillip Craft Avatar
    Phillip Craft

    Prior to taking LADIES TACTICAL PISTOL I, the knowledge I had of guns and gun safety was very limited. Once I took the class not only was I more knowledgeable but it gave me an additional sense of security while simply being in the presence of a gun. I now know what steps I must take to ensure my safety and the safety of those around me.Additionally the instructor Andy Blaschik not only is very knowledgeable and experienced in the subject matter, but his demeanor and style of instructing/teachin... read more

    Alicia Suros-Medina Avatar
    Alicia Suros-Medina
  • I've been training privately with Andy for the past few months; I felt it was best to learn the fundamentals one-on-one with a true expert. If you're looking for a trainer, Andy is second to none. His knowledge, experience (and patience!) is exemplary. His teaching ability is equally impressive. As a teacher myself, it's easy for me to recognize how thoroughly and clearly he explains everything, which are attributes of a great teacher.Since you can't learn all the skills necessary for self-d... read more

    Ellen Artuso Avatar
    Ellen Artuso

    Thank you Andy and your team , you guys treated me and the other students like family , I took tactical pistol 1 Saturday February 1,2020. We had a blast but more importantly learned so much in the class and how it was structured made it easy to learn and all basic firearm fundamentals plus a lot more , I feel more comfortable with my firearm after taking this class and will be taking the refresher program very soon!

    Biker Boom Avatar
    Biker Boom

    I took the Carbine Fundamentals class with TFA lead by Andy at the Trail Glades range in Miami. This is a great opportunity to gain great knowledge and insight on the operation of the carbine (semi-automatic patrol rifle). You will learn the complete breakdown, functionality and proper manipulation of this platform, learn how to properly identify and address failures and malfunctions, and learn how to operate the carbine at different distances. This is a great class for shooters new to the carb... read more

    Chris Gaston Avatar
    Chris Gaston

    I participated in the 2014 MP5 Operators course this past Saturday 8/30/2014.. What a great course!! The class covered everything from proper mechanics to trigger control on the select fire MP5 as well a different shooting positions. the drills that were put together for this course were great and really gave you a first hand look at the handling skill that were tought in the class. Dave Sanders and Andy Blaschik are fantastic instructors and I am sure to be taking more classes in the near futur... read more

    Adam Lewis Avatar
    Adam Lewis
  • This class lived up to the expectation. The instruction was concise and easy to follow. Andy and Frank are great instructors who make sure everyone gets attention. Mistakes were used as teachable moments. If they saw the same problem a few times with different students, they would always call in a huddle to discuss what to look out for and how to fix it.I left the class a much better shooter than when I went in. I now have the knowledge to self diagnose my weaknesses and continue to improve.I re... read more

    Ariel Hernandez Avatar
    Ariel Hernandez

    This past weekend I had an opportunity to take the Tactical Pistol II class in TRAIL GLADES RANGE Miami FL with Andy Blaschik and Terry. This class taught me a lot on how to think and get the mindset in pressure danger situation, from recover all kinds of gun failure to moving and shooting at the same time. What an eye opener! Even though the weather has delay our training a little bit, but overall it was a very interesting and fun class to take. I would recommend this academy to everyone who wo... read more

    Ivan Wong Avatar
    Ivan Wong

    Andy was great on all levels. Having a CWP is not just a right, it carries a huge responsibility and Andy made sure we are prepared and knowledgeable on all fronts.Thank you.

    Keith Lasota Avatar
    Keith Lasota

    Learned a lot!Going into this course I knew I had much to learn in terms of pistol firing. However, what I learned exceeded my expectations, from dominant eye to clearing malfunctions and lots in between, Andy and his entire crew were great. I will now train and go back to Pistol 2.

    André Andrade Avatar
    André Andrade
  • Carbine/Patrol Rifle fundamentals class. Clewiston location 3/24/18 - For anyone that wants to initially gain or improve their self defense skills using a carbine this is a great class. I took this class with my son and our expectations turned out to be low. Andy and Terry are real pros. They'll keep you safe while hammering in the basic operation methods and how to respond to malfunctions. The class size allows for the instructors to effectively address an individual student directly during... read more

    calmistheway Avatar

    I took a private beginner lesson with Andy a few months ago and it was extremely informative. Andy is a great teacher. Andy ensured I understood the fundamentals of firearm safety and how to properly and effectively operate my firearm. I would definitely take another course or lesson with Tactical Firearms Academy.

    Aaron S Avatar
    Aaron S

    Tactical 1 Pistol - AndyAs you would expect from TFA, a professionally taught course with real world applicability. Plenty to learn and digest, then practice.

    Ian Rattray Avatar
    Ian Rattray

    I had a tactical pistol one private training with Andy this Sunday and I received a top of the line quality training. I have been to many other classes but nothing has compared to this quality of training. Andy is very knowledgable about firearms in general and in teaching firearms. The level of instruction I received in this class surpasses anything else I have received before. I left the training feeling a lot more comfortable handling firearms. He corrected wrong instructions I had received b... read more

    Mac Rodriguez Avatar
    Mac Rodriguez
  • I just completed Tactical Pistol II this past weekend. It's amazing how different shooting is when you're on the move. SO very different and more challenging than stationary shooting. Plus, it reaffirmed for me how important learning to shoot with the support hand is. And clearing malfunctions with one hand... oh boy! Not easy, but it can be done. And really important to be able to do it. Andy and Kevin were terrific, as always. TFA has the best trainers, and is the place to go if you're serious... read more

    DrSteven Sheiner Avatar
    DrSteven Sheiner

    Force on Force - Home Protection Techniques (Low Light) - 07/19/14 - Andy Blaschik & Dave SandersThis was by far the most thought provoking scenario based training that I have attended in a long time. While the training is a single day event, my training went on for a couple of days beyond the class. It made me think about and plan out scenario’s in my own home as well as involve my family to ensure their safety if a situation should arise.I entered the training with the mindset that I would d... read more

    Robert Ramirez Avatar
    Robert Ramirez

    As a competitive shooter for many years, and a firearms training junkie, I was surprise to learn there was a lot of important training advice the other schools didn't provide, mostly because their "training" was more for the competitive shooter on the range, not the civilian warrior on the street. This school's focus IS "street" oriented- How would you handle your firearm if you needed to use it in an offensive or defensive situation? The result is something an experienced competitive shooter ... read more

    Patrick Avatar

    Have used them for a Introduction to shotgun (Andy and Terry) and Carbine/Patrol rifle fundamentals (Terry and Roy). Excellent instruction. Pace starts off very good with the basics, progressing to drills, shooting on the move, and a qualifier by the end of the day. They give you all the tools needed to pass. Instructors are great! Very professional, take time to answer questions. Often times they teach you more than 1 method so that you can choose which one works the best (ie using a sin... read more

    Michael Latimer Avatar
    Michael Latimer

TFA strives to be professional above and beyond everything else. If you have taken a firearms class somewhere else, you may have noticed the egos and various personalities that exist in this industry. If not, let this be your first lesson we teach. Trainers and members of the shooting industry are not required to show they have a lack of respect to new shooters just starting or have been shooting since they were in diapers. We treat you, as we want to be treated. We keep a focus on safety, but allow ourselves, and you, to have fun and even smile and laugh once in awhile. The connections Tactical Firearms Academy makes with our students are what give us the ability to be entrusted to be “Your Trainer For Life.”

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