Selecting the right firearms instructor is one of the most valuable decisions you will make. 

It is important to choose someone you feel comfortable with and will learn from. 

Tactical Firearms Academy (TFA) began operations in 1999 and has built an instructor team whose background is in military, law enforcement, competitive shooting, and private law enforcement. 

“Your Trainer For Life”

Tactical Pistol Courses

All instructors maintain “Active” status in public and private law enforcement. Credentialed by the U.S. Department of State, NRA, Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE), and State of Florida, our instructors are constantly updating the TFA training curriculum in order to bring you the latest in firearms tactics and manipulation training as part of licensing requirements.  Tactical Firearms Academy is licensed with the state of Florida and insured through the NRA instructor programs.

Through our relationship with KGB Armament we are able to offer our students competitive prices on ammunition and firearms, including Class III and NFA items.

TFA is dedicated to providing safe, cost effective and comprehensive training courses.  We believe when using a firearm to protect your life or the lives of others, you should be committed to getting the necessary training to be effective and safe. Tactical Firearms Academy’s training regimen is firmly rooted in the cutting edge, real-world capabilities and experiences of our instructors. What we teach is not based upon theory, but practical applications that include extensive street experience and international survival skills. We are in a constant state of learning and consider ourselves perpetual students.

  • I took the Learning the Shotgun course with my brothers and father and I am planning on retaking this course in a few months as a refresher. For the level of training you will receive, the price is reasonable and the ability to retake the same course at a discounted rate is a great option to have. Andy's knowledge of the tactical application of the shotgun was impressive. I have used a shotgun my whole life for hunting and knew it to be a highly effective tool for home defense. Andy took my know... read more

    adam patrick Avatar
    adam patrick

    Class: Ladies Simunitions (Feb 2015)Instructor: Andy BPros: realistic relevant scenarios, safe, informative, eye-openingCons: it can get a little cold during scenarios (bring a sweater) but they did adjust the temperature per our wishesThis class was primarily about the mental aspects dealing with the use of a firearm in self-defense. Since it was ladies only, we shared many of the same concerns. There wasn't this intimidating macho air that one might experience when weapons or combatives trai... read more

    A Google User Avatar
    A Google User

    I am a graduate of the Tactical Pistol 1 class (9/27/14) ;-). This is my first class with Andy and I have to admit that when I saw his tag line ("your trainer for life") I thought it was a bit pretentious. I have taken several other pistol trainings but nothing compares to the level of quality, quantity and professionalism delivered by Andy and his assistant for that event. It covered the 8 fundamentals of marksmanship (you will have to attend to get them and how to fix the 4 most common issu... read more

    David Navarro Avatar
    David Navarro

    Thank you Andy and your team , you guys treated me and the other students like family , I took tactical pistol 1 Saturday February 1,2020. We had a blast but more importantly learned so much in the class and how it was structured made it easy to learn and all basic firearm fundamentals plus a lot more , I feel more comfortable with my firearm after taking this class and will be taking the refresher program very soon!

    Biker Boom Avatar
    Biker Boom
  • I have to say what an AMAZING instructor Andy is. Most ppl would just go through the course, hand over a piece of paper and send us on our way to be armed and unknowingly dangerous to ourselves and others..... This is the best gift/ suggestion that any person could have given me. Thank you for what you do and the dedication you have in doing and teaching your craft.

    S. Correa Avatar
    S. Correa

    Force on Force - Home Protection Techniques (Low Light) - 07/19/14 - Andy Blaschik & Dave SandersOther than Tactical Pistol 1, this class is also a must in the preparation to effectively use/not use your firearm. I've learn the importance of not only training with a fire arm but to also prepare mentally to what will happen in any life threatening situation where a firearm is the last resort. The more classes I attend, the more I realize the things I don't know that could one day save my life or ... read more

    Jose Quintana Avatar
    Jose Quintana

    Instructor/Trainer/Coach whichever title you'd like fits Andy Blaschik to a T. He was patient and very informative the entire time at our Tactical Carbine/Patrol Rifle 1 class.I learned a lot about marksmanship, myself and my equipment while attending his class. The overall feel of the class was serious but fun and exciting all rolled into one.I honestly thought I was going to be overwhelmed but Andy worked with each of the students to make sure we were comfortable in the task and drills he want... read more

    Cesar Vazquez Avatar
    Cesar Vazquez

    On 08.27.2016, I had the opportunity to take the Tactical Pistol I training course. This was a wonderful experience. TFA demonstrated to be a very professional and well organized organization. The teaching team, led by Andy Blaschik (its owner) was outstanding. They were working along with us guiding and correcting any flaws and addressing our concerns on the spot.Each of the eight fundamentals of combat marksmanship were fullest explained and put in practice. I could not be more pleased for... read more

    JCMBIN Avatar
  • I took the Carbine Fundamentals course with Andy. Overall, I was very happy with the class and it met my expectations. I had previously taken the Tactical Pistol 1 and many of the same fundamentals were strengthened in both classes. The location in Clewiston is a perfect environment for learning and practicing. I recommend that if you are going to take this class, make sure to bring knee pads and elbow pads/long shirt to protect your elbows. Make sure you bring bug spray and plenty of water... read more

    Andrew Hook Avatar
    Andrew Hook

    Fantastic instructor super informative course. Method of teaching was clear and precise, delivery was always consistent. Unfortunately for me not always being the best listener when mistakes happened it was on my end. Well worth the time and money for anyone who wants to become more confident and a better shooter.

    tom evans Avatar
    tom evans

    I participated in Tactical 1 in Miami recently on recommendation of one of my friends and my husband. I received a wealth of info and instruction on safely and efficiently using my firearm. Andy is a dynamic and blunt instructor - I enjoyed his direct style and humor! I must also add that one of the assistant-instructors Terry really helped me to feel calm and comfortable and I was truly grateful for his presence and advice. Be prepared to receive an abundance of important information. If y... read more

    AC Kates Avatar
    AC Kates

    I took the Carbine/Patrol Rifle Fundamentals course in the Clewiston facility taught by Andrew Blaschik and another instructor, Terry.Price is what you pay, and value is what you get, and I have to say, the value relative to the price is immeasurable, especially taking into consideration I've learned to better operate a potentially life-saving tool. The instructors work very well with the students to make sure everyone is comfortable with each new skillset learned.I had a great time, and I'd li... read more

    Sofia Bitela Avatar
    Sofia Bitela
  • I have taken Tactical 1 and 2 - excellent.What I don't get is how they can offer such excellent instruction 12 students, 4 instructors for such a low cost.Great training from a competitive champion. Just the right combination of strict, no BS and patience.I wish all the 900K concealed carry holders in FL would take this training. It would make a huge difference in crime and negligent discharges.

    Thomas Packert Avatar
    Thomas Packert

    Dear Andy,This is a brief note to let you know how much I enjoyed the Tactical Pistol 1 training class.I was impressed with the professionalism, knowledge, and level of skills displayed by you and your staff, Greg. You are a natural-born-instructor. You possess the qualities of an excellent teacher, which are: patience, desire to explain thoroughly, and the ability to hold captive a student’s attention.I gained a wealth of knowledge from the class and I look forward to continuing my training wi... read more

    Jose M.B. Avatar
    Jose M.B.

    Great Class. Andy is a unbelievable instructor. I took the Tactical 1 course. Very hands on course. They want you to leave shooting well. They talk a lot about pistol positioning and how to safely use a handgun. They helped me with sighting and how to properly press the trigger. Now it is up to me to apply what I learned so I can become a better shot. Next I will be taking the Tactical 2 course.

    Greg Huxman Avatar
    Greg Huxman

    Andy and his staff were extremely professional, for being a novices with a handgun I left that class with the safety skills and knowledge to be responsible gun owner. I would recommend his class to anyone who would like to improve their gun skills

    William Fernandez Avatar
    William Fernandez
  • I took a private beginner lesson with Andy a few months ago and it was extremely informative. Andy is a great teacher. Andy ensured I understood the fundamentals of firearm safety and how to properly and effectively operate my firearm. I would definitely take another course or lesson with Tactical Firearms Academy.

    Aaron S Avatar
    Aaron S

    It's one thing to own a handgun and another to feel confident in your ability to use it if it becomes necessary. In the Tactical Pistol 1 class, Andy taught me those skills and so much more. Going to the range and putting rounds in paper won't help you if you're doing it wrong. These guys will teach you the right way with safety always as the highest priority. I highly recommend TFA as a first class operation for firearms safety and use.

    Kevin Avatar

    In searching for a firearms course and instructor, no group came more highly recommended than Tactical Fire Arms Academy. They are extremely professional and knowledgeable with firearms training and defense. I have taken classes with other instructors and companies in the past, and they were nothing compared to TFA. TFA showed me things that were so fundamental to shooting that I was surprised that other companies missed it. I am a better shooter today thanks to TFA. I look forward to taking man... read more

    Gideon Schnog Avatar
    Gideon Schnog

    I had a tactical pistol one private training with Andy this Sunday and I received a top of the line quality training. I have been to many other classes but nothing has compared to this quality of training. Andy is very knowledgable about firearms in general and in teaching firearms. The level of instruction I received in this class surpasses anything else I have received before. I left the training feeling a lot more comfortable handling firearms. He corrected wrong instructions I had received b... read more

    Mac Rodriguez Avatar
    Mac Rodriguez
  • This was my first pistol course I have ever taken and I really enjoyed it! I thought Andy, Terry & Chris provided a very safe environment and clearly went over the fundamentals. If you are looking to take a course, this is the one to consider.. I learned a lot, it was fun and I would I highly recommend! Looking forward to Tactical Pistol 2 ! Thanks guys !

    Brian Golarz Avatar
    Brian Golarz

    I recently finished Carbine Fundamentals with Andy and Frank and it was a ton of fun and exceptionally informative. This was my first carbine class with Tactical Firearms Academy and I had high expectations which were met.The range was comfortable even though it was hot out, Andy had several big shop fans running off a generator which kept the area where we set up, loaded mags and ate lunch cool.The class started promptly at 8:30 and we progressed through the course at a steady pace. We learned ... read more

    Brandee Velez Avatar
    Brandee Velez

    Tactical Pistol 1... Awesome experience!! Looking forward for more trainings...

    Joel Baez Avatar
    Joel Baez

    I recently completed the CWC class for a Concealed Weapons Safety Course from Andy B. at the Tactical Firearms Academy. The session was professional, thorough and made relevant to my experience level.Andy was thorough in his review of the law; emphasized the difference between a weapon and a firearm; and most importantly, ensured my understanding of the responsibilities of gun ownership along with the ramifications of actually using it!I will be back soon to take shooting lessons next. Safety ... read more

    Laurel Hendrickson Avatar
    Laurel Hendrickson
  • The 2 hour one to one class with TFA's Andy Blaschik exceeded my expectations. We primarily worked on trigger control which was a problem that became apparent during a 3 hour practice session.Andy was able to quickly diagnose why I was having difficulty and guide me through a process that, in a short time, greatly improved my accuracy. He also provided me with shooting drills to reinforce the things we worked on together. His excellent teaching approach, professionalism and commitment to his s... read more

    Richard Passman Avatar
    Richard Passman

    Took the Tactical Pistol 1 course this past weekend. Absolutely awesome. Had some experience prior to taking the course but, I definitely learned a lot in the class. Environment was safe and comfortable. They will explain to you every reason why they do what they do. Down to Earth and these guys know what they're doing. Definitely looking into taking some of the other courses they offer. They will make sure that you get your money's worth, one of the instructors or range officers will help you o... read more

    Harrison Mc Avatar
    Harrison Mc

    Pros: Safe, non-intimidating, high quality, professional, engaging, well-delivered, and effective private tactical pistol instruction.Cons: Not a huge deal but his office is located somewhat far from me so the first session was a bit of a drive but well worth it. Don't let distance dissuade you.I didn’t have any prior training or experience with pistols before taking his class so I don’t have anything else to compare to but this is a review of my first two training sessions with Andy in Nov 201... read more

    A Google User Avatar
    A Google User

    Straightforward with no bull. I just completed the Pistol Tact I course this weekend (3/23) and was blown away by the knowledge and training received. Andy and the other instructors focused on teaching at the student's experience level. It was a wakeup call to see the bad habits come out during the drills. I would highly recommend this course for anyone that's serious about learning the tactical pistol fundamentals. Kudos to TFA!

    Joe M Avatar
    Joe M
  • As an alum of many classes, there is a clear reason I keep returning, even re-taking classes to refresh my skills.. I have trained with many instructors and TFA is on par or surpasses the best of them, even the high priced big name instructors and ranges. I recommend them highly, especially for those looking to acquire initial skills with firearms in a safe completely professional environment. Andy is thorough, a complete professional, and an excellent educator. After taking your first class, yo... read more

    Jose Cunha Avatar
    Jose Cunha

    I completed Andy Tactical Firearms Pistol 1 course on Dec 29,2018.I've been a full-time freediving instructor since 2005. I am rarely impressed by instructors. When I encounter an instructor my assumption is they will be very good at what they do, but not very good at the actual instruction part.Andy is an excellent instructor. It is obvious that safety is parament. He had nine people shooting firearms without metal dividers between everyone like you would see on a range. This requires an orderl... read more

    Ted Harty Avatar
    Ted Harty

    Tactical pistol 1 with Andy: My training experience with TFA was excellent! I’m definitely going to keep training with them and take all the classes they offer to better my skill. The instructors are patient and clear with all instructions. The live fire portion of the class is safe and is mainly about trigger control. My mindset after this class changed for the better. Every self defense shooter should take this class in order to be a safe and effective shooter.

    JC Hidalgo-gato Avatar
    JC Hidalgo-gato

    I attended this class this past Saturday and I can't be any happier. Prior to the class I had only shot a gun once during my conceal carry permit class. I left this class feeling better prepared and more confident when it comes to having to handle or shoot a gun. Terry, Andy and Shawn were the instructors of the class and they were very knowledgeable and patient throughout. I will definitely be taking more classes with them. I highly recommend. Keep up the good work guys..!!

    Jeannette G Avatar
    Jeannette G
  • Having trained with other instructors and in need of a refresher course I found TFA and Andy Blaschnik and his team. Andy is a serious, skilled instructor who is passionate about ensuring you leave his class trained and confident and he holds you accountable to do so. Patient, thorough with excellent communication skills, in the Tactical Pistol 1 class they taught both new and “experienced” shooters a foundation platform of skills that is second to none.Whether you are brand new to firearms, are... read more

    John McFadden Avatar
    John McFadden

    This class lived up to the expectation. The instruction was concise and easy to follow. Andy and Frank are great instructors who make sure everyone gets attention. Mistakes were used as teachable moments. If they saw the same problem a few times with different students, they would always call in a huddle to discuss what to look out for and how to fix it.I left the class a much better shooter than when I went in. I now have the knowledge to self diagnose my weaknesses and continue to improve.I re... read more

    Ariel Hernandez Avatar
    Ariel Hernandez

    I wanted to gain some expertise in using my firearm and searched the Web for many different training schools. I came across TFA, and was very impressed by their website. It was in formative and very specific. PLUS they offer a variety of classes. And it fit my schedule. Most importantly their staff has many years of experience. I recently attended the Tactical pistol 1 course and I have to say it was an amazing experience. Safety was of the upmost importance. And any concerns were immediately ad... read more

    abraham camayd Avatar
    abraham camayd

    Carbine Fundamentals Class.Just completed this class Sept 21st.Previously I thought I knew a fair amount about the use and operation of carbines. Andy and Tactical FireArms academy taught me more about carbines in one day than I ever could have imagined. Strenuous, throught provoking, and skill enhancing training, I would recommend this class to anyone contemplating owning a carbine.Andy brings a level of skill, professionalism, and safety to the proper use of firearms that is very comforting. C... read more

    Tom Koulouris Avatar
    Tom Koulouris
  • I recently completed the Tactical Pistol Class 1 coarse with Andy and (5) of my friends on Dec. 5, 2014 at Clewiston. The knowledge and experience from the group ranged from very little experience to individuals who have grown up around guns and have hunted most of their lives. One of the individual served in the Marine Corp.The class was outstanding. Everyone regardless of their experience level learned a great deal. I was the most inexperienced and Highly recommend the class to everyone. Andy ... read more

    Carlos Llado Avatar
    Carlos Llado

    The Tactical Pistol 1 class with Andy Blaschick. I was invited to attend this class from a friend who was attending. This was to be my first formal training with my pistol. What a fantastic experience!! Extremely knowledgeable instructors who ran the class with great efficiency. I cannot over state enough, I would recommend this class and company to all persons who are serious about self defense. Regardless of your current precieved experience with your weapon, I guarantee you will learn mo... read more

    Curtis Cameron Avatar
    Curtis Cameron

    The instructors of this Academy are thoroughly professional. The reality of training with firearms requires them to be serious and sometimes intense, so it’s not for the faint of heart, but I appreciate that intensity. Every course I’ve taken with them has been great and very educational. If I have any gripe it is that the training courses that are relevent to my life are not offered frequently and are only offered on Saturdays. I work weekends so I’ve had to take time off to attend. Aside from ... read more

    sacredmusicguy Avatar

    My wife and I did a private class with Andy Blaschik and we left 100% satisfied. We opted by taking the all day (7 hours) Multi-Gun Competition Course. We own weapons in all three disciplines so we wanted to get out to the field and learn as much as possible on this very active sport. Andy was magnificent! His professionalism, patience and outgoingness made us feel very comfortable. We learned so much in so little time and we definitely would recommend to anyone. Confidence (together with Mind S... read more

    Art Vallejo Avatar
    Art Vallejo

TFA strives to be professional above and beyond everything else. We treat you, as we want to be treated.  If you have taken a firearms class somewhere else, you may have experienced instructors that intimidate you or do not listen to what you hope to get out of a firearms class.  TFA’s focus is on safety, but we but we also want shooting to be an enjoyable experience for you.  We allow ourselves, and you, to have fun, smile and laugh once in a while. The connections Tactical Firearms Academy makes with our students are what gives us the ability to be entrusted to be “Your Trainer For Life.”

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