Selecting the right firearms instructor is one of the most valuable decisions you will make. 

It is important to choose someone you feel comfortable with and will learn from. 

Tactical Firearms Academy (TFA) began operations in 1999 and has built an instructor team whose background is in military, law enforcement, competitive shooting, and private law enforcement. 

“Your Trainer For Life” ™

HR-218 Law Enforcement Qualification
State of Florida Yearly "G" Qualification
Tactical Pistol Courses

All instructors maintain “Active” status in public and private law enforcement. Credentialed by the U.S. Department of State, NRA, Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE), and State of Florida, our instructors are constantly updating the TFA training curriculum in order to bring you the latest in firearms tactics and manipulation training as part of licensing requirements.  Tactical Firearms Academy is licensed with the state of Florida and insured through the NRA instructor programs.

Through our relationship with KGB Armament we are able to offer our students competitive prices on ammunition and firearms, including Class III and NFA items.

TFA is dedicated to providing safe, cost effective and comprehensive training courses.  We believe when using a firearm to protect your life or the lives of others, you should be committed to getting the necessary training to be effective and safe. Tactical Firearms Academy’s training regimen is firmly rooted in the cutting edge, real-world capabilities and experiences of our instructors. What we teach is not based upon theory, but practical applications that include extensive street experience and international survival skills. We are in a constant state of learning and consider ourselves perpetual students.

TFA strives to be professional above and beyond everything else. We treat you, as we want to be treated.  If you have taken a firearms class somewhere else, you may have experienced instructors that intimidate you or do not listen to what you hope to get out of a firearms class.  TFA’s focus is on safety, but we also want shooting to be an enjoyable experience for you.  We allow ourselves, and you, to have fun, smile and laugh once in a while. The connections Tactical Firearms Academy makes with our students are what gives us the ability to be entrusted to be “Your Trainer For Life.” ™

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