Selecting the right firearms instructor is one of the most valuable decisions you will make. 

It is important to choose someone you feel comfortable with and will learn from. 

Tactical Firearms Academy (TFA) began operations in 1999 and has built an instructor team whose background is in military, law enforcement, competitive shooting, and private law enforcement. 

“Your Trainer For Life”

Tactical Pistol Courses

All instructors maintain “Active” status in public and private law enforcement. Credentialed by the U.S. Department of State, NRA, Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE), and State of Florida, our instructors are constantly updating the TFA training curriculum in order to bring you the latest in firearms tactics and manipulation training as part of licensing requirements.  Tactical Firearms Academy is licensed with the state of Florida and insured through the NRA instructor programs.

Through our relationship with KGB Armament we are able to offer our students competitive prices on ammunition and firearms, including Class III and NFA items.

TFA is dedicated to providing safe, cost effective and comprehensive training courses.  We believe when using a firearm to protect your life or the lives of others, you should be committed to getting the necessary training to be effective and safe. Tactical Firearms Academy’s training regimen is firmly rooted in the cutting edge, real-world capabilities and experiences of our instructors. What we teach is not based upon theory, but practical applications that include extensive street experience and international survival skills. We are in a constant state of learning and consider ourselves perpetual students.

  • The instructors of this Academy are thoroughly professional. The reality of training with firearms requires them to be serious and sometimes intense, so it’s not for the faint of heart, but I appreciate that intensity. Every course I’ve taken with them has been great and very educational. If I have any gripe it is that the training courses that are relevent to my life are not offered frequently and are only offered on Saturdays. I work weekends so I’ve had to take time off to attend. Aside from ... read more

    sacredmusicguy Avatar

    This is the best firearms instruction down in South Florida hands down! All of the instructors are experts in their field of law enforcement and Firearms Law & regulations. These are classes that are not range specific and teach a set of skills to allow one to survive in a real gunfight in the real world. I highly recommend this training to anyone that is thinking about carrying a firearm or having one for self defense.

    Anthony Garcia-Prieto Avatar
    Anthony Garcia-Prieto

    Force on Force - Home Protection Techniques (Low Light) - 07/19/14 - Andy Blaschik & Dave SandersThis was by far the most thought provoking scenario based training that I have attended in a long time. While the training is a single day event, my training went on for a couple of days beyond the class. It made me think about and plan out scenario’s in my own home as well as involve my family to ensure their safety if a situation should arise.I entered the training with the mindset that I would d... read more

    Robert Ramirez Avatar
    Robert Ramirez

    As a female shooter looking to improve my shooting and overall self-defense skills, I am extremely pleased with and highly recommend Tactical Firearms Academy. Andy is extremely patient and professional - his goal is for you to become the ultimate firearms instructor for yourself. I have taken private instruction over the past few weeks and he has helped me to diagnose and correct a variety issues that have helped me to increase my accuracy and confidence as a shooter. Andy has also fostered a c... read more

    Kaye Rabel Avatar
    Kaye Rabel
  • I recently completed the Tactical Pistol Class 1 coarse with Andy and (5) of my friends on Dec. 5, 2014 at Clewiston. The knowledge and experience from the group ranged from very little experience to individuals who have grown up around guns and have hunted most of their lives. One of the individual served in the Marine Corp.The class was outstanding. Everyone regardless of their experience level learned a great deal. I was the most inexperienced and Highly recommend the class to everyone. Andy ... read more

    Carlos Llado Avatar
    Carlos Llado

    I took the Tactical Pistol 1 course on Saturday, February 28, 2015 with instructor Andy. TFA came highly recommended by family members in law enforcement and I can see why. The course was taught in a very professional and safe manner and the instructor was excellent. I recommend this course to anyone, regardless of experience, that wants to improve their self defense skills. The class size was small enough that it allowed for plenty of one-on-one attention. The material was easy to digest st... read more

    George Navarrete Avatar
    George Navarrete

    Tactical pistol 1 with Andy: My training experience with TFA was excellent! I’m definitely going to keep training with them and take all the classes they offer to better my skill. The instructors are patient and clear with all instructions. The live fire portion of the class is safe and is mainly about trigger control. My mindset after this class changed for the better. Every self defense shooter should take this class in order to be a safe and effective shooter.

    JC Hidalgo-gato Avatar
    JC Hidalgo-gato

    Did the Tactical Pistol I course, and it was amazing. Can't wait for Tactical Pistol II. Thank you Terry and Andy!

    Brandon Conde Avatar
    Brandon Conde
  • The training I received was more than I expected. Andy and Terry are serious but still made it fun. I learned more in the first couple of hours about what I didn't know and how ineffective my gear was that it was already worth the money. I will definitely be attending more classes and would highly recommend school to anyone who wants to learn techniques and practical firearms training.

    Chad Patrick Avatar
    Chad Patrick

    What an amazing experience! Thanks to Andy and Terri, the Carbine Fundamentals course surpassed my expectations and I will keep going to others trainings in Tactical Firearms Academy.

    Ernesto Guevara Avatar
    Ernesto Guevara

    Class: Ladies Simunitions (Feb 2015)Instructor: Andy BPros: realistic relevant scenarios, safe, informative, eye-openingCons: it can get a little cold during scenarios (bring a sweater) but they did adjust the temperature per our wishesThis class was primarily about the mental aspects dealing with the use of a firearm in self-defense. Since it was ladies only, we shared many of the same concerns. There wasn't this intimidating macho air that one might experience when weapons or combatives trai... read more

    A Google User Avatar
    A Google User

    CLASS: PISTOL 1- I chose this class because I am preparing to enter into the police academy and a career in law enforcement and I want to be as trained up as possible. I also chose this class for my wife. I didn't let my ego get in the way of her learning how to use a firearm properly and safely. I gave that headache to TFA, (ha ha joke, NOT!). I chose TFA because of the Excellent reviews and I was not disappointed. In fact I was very impressed. It was far better than I had hoped. I learned so m... read more

    Ronald De L'Etoile Avatar
    Ronald De L'Etoile
  • What an experience!!!! The team at TFA completely surpassed my expectations. I felt safe at all times, the learning was fun and I left the class confident knowing that I NOW know how to properly manage a firearm. Can't wait to take my next class with Andy and the TFA team.

    Erick Navarro Avatar
    Erick Navarro

    I completed the Tactical Pistol I course with Andy as the instructor. Andy’s method of training spotlighted the bad habits I had picked up at the range over the years and by the end of the course I had adjusted my grip and was shooting straight consistently. I thought the class was very good and very eye opening for someone who occasionally goes to the range to learn how to handle a firearm in a more hostile setting.

    Ray Lopez Avatar
    Ray Lopez

    I wanted to gain some expertise in using my firearm and searched the Web for many different training schools. I came across TFA, and was very impressed by their website. It was in formative and very specific. PLUS they offer a variety of classes. And it fit my schedule. Most importantly their staff has many years of experience. I recently attended the Tactical pistol 1 course and I have to say it was an amazing experience. Safety was of the upmost importance. And any concerns were immediately ad... read more

    abraham camayd Avatar
    abraham camayd

    Class: Tactical Pistol 2 (Aug 2015)Instructor: Andy BLocation: Trail Glades Range - Miami, FLPros: professional, safe, fun, informative, engagingCon: occasional stoppage due to lightningThis day long class continued where Pistol 1 left off. It reinforced concepts from Pistol 1 and included new manipulations, barricade work, and movement with the pistol. The activities and courses of fire were challenging and fun. It rained and I liked that we didn’t stop just because of the rain..Courses of fi... read more

    A Google User Avatar
    A Google User
  • I took a private beginner lesson with Andy a few months ago and it was extremely informative. Andy is a great teacher. Andy ensured I understood the fundamentals of firearm safety and how to properly and effectively operate my firearm. I would definitely take another course or lesson with Tactical Firearms Academy.

    Aaron S Avatar
    Aaron S

    Tactical 1 Pistol - AndyAs you would expect from TFA, a professionally taught course with real world applicability. Plenty to learn and digest, then practice.

    Ian Rattray Avatar
    Ian Rattray

    This Saturday, 8/29/15, I had the good fortune to take TFA's Tactical Pistol II Course,The instructor was Andy Blaschik.This Course and its instructor were first class and professional.Andy is the only pistol instructor in my experience who focused solely and unapologetically on serious defensive / combat shooting.The class size was small; only 5 students, which allowed Andy and his assistant, Terry, to concentrate on individuals' issues as required.The drills were well thought and the technical... read more

    AJ Chisena Avatar
    AJ Chisena

    Overall a great carbine fundamentals class with Andy Blaschik and Dale.Pros: Good safety standards. Plenty of trigger time. Good techniques and excellent drills that expose where you are strong and where you are not.Cons: Farm animals roam the range and they were a distraction on two occasions.

    Giovanni Ortiz Avatar
    Giovanni Ortiz
  • Tactical Pistol 1... Awesome experience!! Looking forward for more trainings...

    Joel Baez Avatar
    Joel Baez

    I am so glad I opted to enroll in the Ladies Simmunitions class with Andy. I feel like this class added a much needed component to my firearms/self-defense training. Putting the students in real life scenarios gives you an edge you can’t get by simply training at the gun range. This class helps you refine your decision-making skills and gives you the mindset to handle self defense situations should they arise. The instructors were top notch and able to adjust the training level depending on e... read more

    Britt C Avatar
    Britt C

    Took my first structured firearms coarse (Tactical Pistol 1) with TFA. I wasn't sure what to expect but was so pleased with the class I have already recommended it to anyone that will listen. Andy, Dave and Shawn were very thorough, informative and helpful as they are definitely masters of their craft. I like how they make you accountable for your technique and results by not issuing a passing grade just for showing up. I recommend this class to any one that wants to learn how to PROPERLY use a... read more

    Nick Rivera Avatar
    Nick Rivera

    As an alum of many classes, there is a clear reason I keep returning, even re-taking classes to refresh my skills.. I have trained with many instructors and TFA is on par or surpasses the best of them, even the high priced big name instructors and ranges. I recommend them highly, especially for those looking to acquire initial skills with firearms in a safe completely professional environment. Andy is thorough, a complete professional, and an excellent educator. After taking your first class, yo... read more

    Jose Cunha Avatar
    Jose Cunha
  • With my background I had low expectations for this kind of a course.I was DEAD WRONG!Andy and the guys are outstanding. I have been shooting on virtually all platforms all of my life. In ten minutes Andy gave me pointers that have reversed a life of errors. Within two magazines his technique changes dramatically changed my performance. I only wish that I could have had this training twenty years ago. This course is a must do wether one is a new shooter looking for proper fundamentals early, or i... read more

    Chris Craft Avatar
    Chris Craft

    In searching for a firearms course and instructor, no group came more highly recommended than Tactical Fire Arms Academy. They are extremely professional and knowledgeable with firearms training and defense. I have taken classes with other instructors and companies in the past, and they were nothing compared to TFA. TFA showed me things that were so fundamental to shooting that I was surprised that other companies missed it. I am a better shooter today thanks to TFA. I look forward to taking man... read more

    Gideon Schnog Avatar
    Gideon Schnog

    I made the trip from way north to take this class. In 5 years of shooting, the 4 hour training session I had with Andy is the most helpful thing that has happened in my shooting career. He corrected fundamental mistakes in my form and mindset. The proof is there on the target as I watched my grouping and accuracy improve significantly in even the first hour. Very affordable and money well spent. In a day and age where ammunition is expensive and time is limited, you don’t want to waste your... read more

    Lee P Avatar
    Lee P

    I took the Learning the Shotgun course with my brothers and father and I am planning on retaking this course in a few months as a refresher. For the level of training you will receive, the price is reasonable and the ability to retake the same course at a discounted rate is a great option to have. Andy's knowledge of the tactical application of the shotgun was impressive. I have used a shotgun my whole life for hunting and knew it to be a highly effective tool for home defense. Andy took my know... read more

    adam patrick Avatar
    adam patrick
  • Professional, police academy level full day training ensure you not only get familiar with your firearm, it's safe handling and use but also you will understand risks and responsibilities related to carry firearm. You will be able to learn and practice close range defense skills, understand your motivation and why exactly you want to operate firearm in a first place. The combination of physical skill training with important aspects of mindset around using a gun makes this training rare opportuni... read more

    Steve S. Avatar
    Steve S.

    Amazing experience!! Everything is broken down into the smallest detail. Great professionalism while keeping it fun... Can not wait to go back!!!! Will give you a entire different look on shooting and confidence in your skills that you would not have before the classes.

    nickster2660526 Avatar

    Learned a lot!Going into this course I knew I had much to learn in terms of pistol firing. However, what I learned exceeded my expectations, from dominant eye to clearing malfunctions and lots in between, Andy and his entire crew were great. I will now train and go back to Pistol 2.

    André Andrade Avatar
    André Andrade

    Class: First Steps in Firearms, Instructor: Andrew BlaschikMy wife and I have lived in Fort Lauderdale for 6 years, but have talked about learning more about firearms for many years. Having lived for years in Tennessee, we had informal experience with handguns and rifles, but not much. We decided to enroll in Tactical Firearms Academy for the initial First Steps in Firearms, and it was the best decision we made. Andy was very professional and it was apparent he enjoyed teaching.Our initial go... read more

    Gregory Fischer Avatar
    Gregory Fischer
  • I am the head instructor at Hybrid Martial Arts and I have been teaching for the past 15 years. I was blown away with the tactics and methodology Tactical Firearms Academy used to allow me to be more efficient with my firearm. John And Andy's instruction was very detailed and consistant throut the coarse. I highly recommend TFA's gun concept and theory's to anyone; whatever their experience level maybe,

    Courtney White Avatar
    Courtney White

    Great place to take G qualifier recert. Low price. TFA is a Winner?Scored a perfect score on G qualifier.Andy's classes and advice along with lots of practice helped achieve this.Thank you, TFAAndy and Dave Saunders for all 3 Tactical Pistol Classes.Andy will turn you into a marksman if you study with him.Hands down, 5 stars for TFA.Learn the corrrect way, at TFA

    Dave Williams Avatar
    Dave Williams

    Andy was great on all levels. Having a CWP is not just a right, it carries a huge responsibility and Andy made sure we are prepared and knowledgeable on all fronts.Thank you.

    Keith Lasota Avatar
    Keith Lasota

    I took the Carbine Fundamentals course with Andy. Overall, I was very happy with the class and it met my expectations. I had previously taken the Tactical Pistol 1 and many of the same fundamentals were strengthened in both classes. The location in Clewiston is a perfect environment for learning and practicing. I recommend that if you are going to take this class, make sure to bring knee pads and elbow pads/long shirt to protect your elbows. Make sure you bring bug spray and plenty of water... read more

    Andrew Hook Avatar
    Andrew Hook
  • I took the the Tac. 1 class with Andy - he was a fantastic teacher and really knows his stuff. I will go for Tac. 2 with him next - HIGHLY recommend the classes if you want to get some proper tuition and get some rounds down range!

    Antony Diamond Avatar
    Antony Diamond

    I took a private beginner pistol course with Andy Blaschik and it was the best decision I have made in a long time. Andy is patient, knowledgeable, and very professional. He also demands that his students perform to his very high standards--a must when dealing with firearms. Looking forward to my next class!

    Barbara Viniegra Avatar
    Barbara Viniegra

    I took the Carbine/Patrol Rifle Fundamentals course in the Clewiston facility taught by Andrew Blaschik and another instructor, Terry.Price is what you pay, and value is what you get, and I have to say, the value relative to the price is immeasurable, especially taking into consideration I've learned to better operate a potentially life-saving tool. The instructors work very well with the students to make sure everyone is comfortable with each new skillset learned.I had a great time, and I'd li... read more

    Sofia Bitela Avatar
    Sofia Bitela

    Excellent. I've done training for the past couple years and really enjoyed and respected how they train here. The attention to safety, detail and effectiveness was impressive. I intend to do a lot more training with them!

    Jeff Cohen Avatar
    Jeff Cohen

TFA strives to be professional above and beyond everything else. We treat you, as we want to be treated.  If you have taken a firearms class somewhere else, you may have experienced instructors that intimidate you or do not listen to what you hope to get out of a firearms class.  TFA’s focus is on safety, but we but we also want shooting to be an enjoyable experience for you.  We allow ourselves, and you, to have fun, smile and laugh once in a while. The connections Tactical Firearms Academy makes with our students are what gives us the ability to be entrusted to be “Your Trainer For Life.”

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