This program is designed for Zoological Facilities that incorporate an integrated response for emergencies involving dangerous animals. Training includes firearms response, chemical restraint response, and other response team members.

The TFA Zoological Emergency Response Training program was developed as part of an effort to prepare zoological facilities for potential real-life scenarios at their organizations. Since its inception in May 2016, this program has continued to grow in the number of institutions and zoological professionals going through the program. TFA has partnered with 11 institutions throughout the USA and internationally. The instructors of this program work closely with the emergency response teams to not only share their expertise in training but to learn from each group to continue to advance the programing with a growth mindset approach.

The TFA Zoological Program Instructor team includes Andrew Blaschik, who is the Chief Firearms Instructor and owner of TFA as well as Erin McNally, a Licensed Veterinary Technician in the Zoological Industry.

Erin and Andy will work with your Zoological team to foster a relationship of mutual learning.

Erin McNally

The TFA Zoological Facility Emergency Response Training was developed as part of an effort to prepare zoological facilities for potential real-life scenarios at their organizations

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The zoological training program is customized around weapons platforms, chemical restraint teams, animals in the collection, and the layout of the facility.

The program is focused on proficiency training utilizing eight fundamentals of marksmanship developed by Tactical Firearms Academy.

The firearms portion of the training starts with an initial 4-hour classroom session focused on safety around firearms and understanding the weapons platform, followed by 12-hours of range time to get each student familiar with comprehending what was taught in the classroom and live fire of the weapons platform.

Ongoing firearms training typically includes quarterly instructor led range time and scenario-based training also called active role play exercises. These are designed to be a comprehensive approach to include all members of emergency response at a facility.

The exercises are customized based on each organizations response protocols and work to enhance the collaboration amongst all members of a facilities emergency response team.

Erin McNally

Active role play exercises on-site can include the use of Simunitions™, chemical restraint, and recall training to practice all aspects of response on grounds at the zoological facility.

Zoological Emergency Response Training Topics Include:

  • Firearms training and marksmanship qualifications
  • Scenario based tactical approach in zoological settings
  • Coordinated firearms and chemical restraint training
  • Stop the bleed, and training beyond the shot.
  • Mental wellness before and after the shot.
  • Firearm maintenance

Testimonials from TFA’s Zoological Emergency Response Training

“…training did a great job of building a fundamental understanding of the firearm through the learning the diagram and the repetition of breaking down, rebuilding, loading, and unloading in the classroom.”
” very helpful how Andy and Erin dug into how the training is not just about how to shoot but how to accomplish what we need to in the unique zoo setting
Andy and Erin were able to watch us and break down exactly what we were doing right and wrong to teach us how to improve ourselves very quickly.
I liked how Andy and Erin both seemed very attuned with when to apply pressure and when not to.
We all need to be prepared physically and mentally as best we can for a potential situation. I believe we will be as prepared as we can be by continuing with Tactical Firearms Academy.

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