This course is designed for the Advanced shooter and prior to registering for this course the student must have taken and passed Tactical Pistol II within one year of registering for this course.

In order to be accepted in this course the student is required to display a level of proficiency with their pistol by passing a qualification test. Students that pass the qualification test can continue on with the course and a certificate of training is awarded to those students who complete and pass the course.  If a student does not pass the qualification test they can either (a) complete the day of training but no certificate of training will be issued; or, (b) they can elect not to continue with the training and receive a 50% refund of the course fee.

Tactical Pistol III consists of nine hours of training on an outdoor range. Class size is kept small (12) to permit individual instruction.  Students must provide their own handgun, revolver or semi-automatic pistol, holster, three speed loaders or speed strips or three pistol magazines, eye and ear protection and 500 rounds of ammunition.

Tactical Pistol III Course Topics Include:


Required Items

  • Handgun (semi-auto or revolver)
  • A suitable, strong-side OWB or thigh rig holster  (holster must provide positive retention so the firearm does not fall out) hard plastic or Kydex type holster.  NO IWB holsters are permitted for this course.
  • Minimum 3 HI CAP or 5 Single stack magazines or speed loaders / speed strips (10 Rounds or more)
  • Magazine Holster/Pouch to hold ALL magazines (can be 2 doubles or 4 singles, if using 4 magazines total. This is a minimum requirement)
  • 700 rounds of ammunition
  • Ear protection and wrap around eye protection (Mandatory)
  • Long pants with belt loops and a sturdy belt. NO YOGA PANTS
  • Lightweight clothing and light in color, avoid black (NO tank tops or V-necks)
  • Sturdy, closed toe shoes (athletic, hiking, outdoor styled shoes. NO open toe shoes)
  • Spare batteries for sights and tools for sight adjustment
  • Ball cap or brimmed hat
  • Sun screen
  • Insect repellent
  • Snacks and lunchtime meals
  • ONE GALLONS of water per person (min) or other liquids to remain hydrated
  • Note Taking Materials
  • Weapons and/or ammunition can supplied by TFA upon request
  • Weapon rental prices available here. Contact us for ammo cost or other equipment

Tactical Pistol III

  • Duration: 8 hours
  • Location:
    Clewiston, FL

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