Don’t have time to get into a group class? Does your work schedule have you working on weekends? Are you coming into the country and the class you want isn’t available?  Tactical Firearms Academy offers private one-on-one training that we can tailor to meet your skill level or to provide that specialized training you desire.

Whether you’re looking for a private class for you and your friends or colleagues, or looking for training to work around your busy schedule, TFA offers private training at an affordable rate.  We will design a training session based on your skills and requests just for you.  Don’t have gear?  Not a problem.  TFA owns and leases weapons of all types so we have you covered.  We are also able to supply ammunition to our students at extremely competitive rates.

Are you coming into the area from out of town?  That is not a problem for us as Tactical Firearms Academy is a full-service training academy.  We will be happy to arrange transportation for you to and from our training facility or ranges in the area for an additional service fee.

 Required Items

• Ear protection and wrap around eye protection
• Long pants with belt loops and a sturdy belt.
• Lightweight clothing and light in color, avoid black (NO tank tops or V-necks)
• Sturdy, closed toe shoes (athletic, hiking, outdoor styled shoes. NO open toe shoes)
• Ball cap or brimmed hat

1-on-1 INDOOR Private Training

$140for first 2 hours (minimum)
  • $75*/hr for each additional hour
  • Range Fees Not Included in Price

1-on-1 OUTDOOR Private Training

$550for first 4 hours (minimum)
  • or 8 hours for $1,000
  • Range Fees Included in Price

Private Group Training

$175per person for 4 hours
  • 6 – 10 persons for 8 hrs
    $250 per person
  • Range Fees Included in Price

Firearm Rental Fees for Private Training Classes

Handguns & Revolvers

  • Includes:
  • holster, magazine pouch, 3 hi cap magazines

Long Guns

  • Carbine setup includes: sling, 3 magazines, magazine pouch, iron and optic sights
  • Shotgun comes w/sling and ammunition pouch


  • (sub-machine guns/machine guns)
  • comes w/sling, 3 magazines, magazine pouch, iron and optic sights.