CPR / Bleeding Control Course


The Bleeding Control Course is designed for those who have little to no medical training but may be called upon to respond to and deliver trauma care and bleeding control prior to emergency services (EMS) arrival or in an austere environment. During this 9 hour block of instruction [...]

Simunition®: Force on Force


Are you ready to take your firearms training to the next level? Have you wondered how you would respond to a threat while under pressure? Tactical Firearms Academy is offering Force on Force, Reality Based Tactical Training with live-action, reality-based scenarios. A truly unique learning  experience that will teach you [...]

Private Training


Don’t have time to get into a group class? Does your work schedule have you working on weekends? Are you coming into the country and the class you want isn’t available?  Tactical Firearms Academy offers private one-on-one training that we can tailor to meet your skill level or to [...]

MP5 Operators Course


This course will be taught using the famous HK MP5 , the world standard for submachine guns.  Tactical Firearms Academy will supply the MP5s for use which is included in the course cost.   During this 9 hour block of instruction students will be taught: General Handling SkillsField [...]

NRA Range Safety Officer (RSO) Course


A new course for 2014, Tactical Firearms Academy is offering the NRA RSO course.  This 9 hour Range Safety Officer course consists of: Range Safety Officer’s roles and responsibilities, range standard operating procedures, range inspection and range rules, firearm stoppages and malfunctions, and Range Safety Briefings which include emergency [...]

Vehicle Operations and Techniques


Driver Improvement ProgramTactical Firearms Academy is proud to present, in participation with Miami-Dade College School of Justice, for Civilian Drivers, Vehicle Operations and Techniques. The classroom curriculum (3 Hours):Classroom presentation of goals and skills to be achieved during the driving portion of the class. During this time, the students [...]

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