Tactical Carbine/Patrol Rifle


This tactical carbine/patrol rifle class will be held at our exclusive 900-yard outdoor shooting facility. During the 9 hr day course, shooters will have an opportunity to fine tune their rifle skills and learn the latest types of tactical maneuvers and techniques. All shooters will have to pass a [...]

Tactical Shotgun I


Many forget this old workhorse called the shotgun or scattergun in today’s tactical arena. It has been utilized as a home defense weapon due to it’s ease of use. The shotgun’s intimidation factor can be felt from the sound of the weapon charging. This course combines the fundamental and [...]



Tactical Firearms Academy is a staunch advocate for safe and responsible gun ownership.  We believe CWP holders should be held to a proficiency standard and be required to demonstrate that proficiency similar to the requirements placed on law enforcement and armed security personnel.  To this end we have developed CTS – [...]

Learning the Shotgun


The Learning the Shotgun course combines the fundamental and basic skills necessary for combat marksmanship with the tactical knowledge required to survive with a shotgun in a hostile environment.  This is the first level of Tactical Firearms Academy’s shotgun courses with emphasis placed on basic shooting skills and developing [...]

Simunition®: Force on Force


Are you ready to take your firearms training to the next level? Have you wondered how you would respond to a threat while under pressure? Tactical Firearms Academy is offering Force on Force, Reality Based Tactical Training with live-action, reality-based scenarios. A truly unique learning  experience that will teach you [...]

Private Training


Don’t have time to get into a group class? Does your work schedule have you working on weekends? Tactical Firearms Academy offers private one-on-one training that we can tailor to meet your skill level or to provide that specialized training you desire. Whether you’re looking for a private [...]

MP5 Operators Course


This course will be taught using the famous HK MP5 , the world standard for submachine guns.  Tactical Firearms Academy will supply the MP5s for use which is included in the course cost.   During this 9 hour block of instruction students will be taught: General Handling [...]

Fun Shoots


Tactical Firearms Academy is actively engaged in the shooting community and also sponsors or co-sponsors a number of events in South Florida.  Here are some of the fun shoots we participate in on a regular basis: TFA Steel ChallengeThis is a monthly event held at [...]

Select Fire


Our exclusive select fire course is the only course that is offered to the general public in the State of Florida.  This 8 hour, one day course is dynamic and fast paced.  It includes the operation and manipulation of the open and closed bolt submachine guns like the H&K [...]

HK MP5 Operator Course


This course will be taught using the famous HK MP5 , the world standard for submachine guns.  Tactical Firearms Academy will supply the MP5s for use which is included in the course cost.    Tactical Firearms Academy will supply the MP5s for this course which is INCLUDED in [...]

State of Florida “G” Yearly Qualification


This 4 hour course covers all of the requirements in accordance with Florida Chapter 493, Class “G” license to re-qualify armed security officers in the State of Florida.Qualifications near Pompano Beach, FL (Greater Fort Lauderdale, FL)   Date: Mondays 10:00amLocation: Declaration Defense, Pompano Beach, FLQualifications near Clewiston, FL(Southwest FL near Ft Myers, [...]

Concealed Weapon License Course (FL)


The Concealed Weapon License course meets the requirements established by the State of Florida for you to apply for your Concealed Weapon License.  This 4 hour course of instruction covers the 4 fundamentals of gun safety and includes the firearm proficiency (live fire) requirement as well as other information [...]

First Steps Into Firearms


This is an introductory class to familiarize you with a pistol, revolver, rifle or shotgun and will explain in detail on how these tools work. Some of the topics that will be covered in this class are:  Safety 8 Firearm fundamentals Nomenclature Firearm differences How to choose a firearm for purchaseRequired [...]

Tactical Pistol III


This course is designed for the Advanced shooter and prior to registering for this course the student must have taken and passed Tactical Pistol II within one year of registering for this course.In order to be accepted in this course the student is required to display a level of [...]

Tactical Pistol II


Tactical Pistol II is geared toward the Intermediate level shooter while building on the skill and abilities developed in the Tactical Pistol I course. Students will be required to pass a shooting qualification so successfully complete the course.  A certificate of training is awarded to those students who complete [...]

Tactical Pistol I


Tactical Pistol I is the entry level of Tactical Firearms Academy’s pistol courses.  This course combines the fundamental skills necessary for combat marksmanship with the tactical knowledge required surviving with a pistol in a hostile environment. Emphasis is placed on the basic shooting skills and developing tactical applications for those [...]

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