Shotgun Courses

Tactical Shotgun I


Many forget this old workhorse called the shotgun or scattergun in today’s tactical arena. It has been utilized as a home defense weapon due to it’s ease of use. The shotgun’s intimidation factor can be felt from the sound of the weapon charging. This course combines the fundamental and [...]



Tactical Firearms Academy is a staunch advocate for safe and responsible gun ownership.  We believe CWP holders should be held to a proficiency standard and be required to demonstrate that proficiency similar to the requirements placed on law enforcement and armed security personnel.  To this end we have developed CTS – [...]

Learning the Shotgun


The Learning the Shotgun course combines the fundamental and basic skills necessary for combat marksmanship with the tactical knowledge required to survive with a shotgun in a hostile environment.  This is the first level of Tactical Firearms Academy’s shotgun courses with emphasis placed on basic shooting skills and developing [...]

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