Why choose TFA over another firearms training company?

To TFA, that answer is simple. However to the general public, knowing what to ask or what to look for in a training facility really isn’t simple at all. We understand that, so allow us to help and take a second to read on…

First, we think our customer’s words have a lot more value then what we can say, so take a second and read our reviews.

Shooting for the beginner can be very intimidating and there is a lot to learn when picking up a firearm for the first time. Prior to that, you need to know all the rules of safety and then the fundamentals of marksmanship. In short, it’s overwhelming at times. The training plans we develop are designed specifically  to the particular student taking the training. You will never feel out of place or you don’t belong. Our best guess, you will find yourself having fun while learning skills that may one day just save your life or the life of a loved one.

We listen to our students and customize the training to meet their needs and wants. If you are just starting out, there is already optimized curriculum to give you a head start and shooting safely your first class. If you want to custom tailor your class to include a specific firearm or if you want more advanced training, we have you covered.  We make accommodations for everyone, as long as it can be done safely. TFA offers a structured training curriculum that builds upon itself at each level, starting at beginner class where no prior training is required beyond knowing the basic firearms safety. When you are ready to advance your skill set to the next level, there will be a course available that builds on the previous course and there are typically 3 or 4 levels for each course. Being a student of Tactical Firearms Academy comes with privileges. Our students are also given the opportunity to practice the skills learned at TFA classes through monthly events held in Broward and Miami-Dade Counties as well as and receive discounts on firearm purchases, accessories, and ammunition.

  • As an alum of many classes, there is a clear reason I keep returning, even re-taking classes to refresh my skills.. I have trained with many instructors and TFA is on par or surpasses the best of them, even the high priced big name instructors and ranges. I recommend them highly, especially for those looking to acquire initial skills with firearms in a safe completely professional environment. Andy is thorough, a complete professional, and an excellent educator. After taking your first class, yo... read more

    Jose Cunha Avatar
    Jose Cunha

    I participated in the 2014 MP5 Operators course this past Saturday 8/30/2014.. What a great course!! The class covered everything from proper mechanics to trigger control on the select fire MP5 as well a different shooting positions. the drills that were put together for this course were great and really gave you a first hand look at the handling skill that were tought in the class. Dave Sanders and Andy Blaschik are fantastic instructors and I am sure to be taking more classes in the near futur... read more

    Adam Lewis Avatar
    Adam Lewis

    Andy in my book is consider a top notch firearms instructor, he's very educated and knowledgeable . He also takes pride in having his student learn all safety procedures on handling any firearms. I would highly recommend TFA to anyone who's considering learning or plan to carry a firearm.

    Orlando Del Sol Avatar
    Orlando Del Sol

    Class: Ladies Simunitions (Feb 2015)Instructor: Andy BPros: realistic relevant scenarios, safe, informative, eye-openingCons: it can get a little cold during scenarios (bring a sweater) but they did adjust the temperature per our wishesThis class was primarily about the mental aspects dealing with the use of a firearm in self-defense. Since it was ladies only, we shared many of the same concerns. There wasn't this intimidating macho air that one might experience when weapons or combatives trai... read more

    A Google User Avatar
    A Google User
  • I took the the Tac. 1 class with Andy - he was a fantastic teacher and really knows his stuff. I will go for Tac. 2 with him next - HIGHLY recommend the classes if you want to get some proper tuition and get some rounds down range!

    Antony Diamond Avatar
    Antony Diamond

    I've been training privately with Andy for the past few months; I felt it was best to learn the fundamentals one-on-one with a true expert. If you're looking for a trainer, Andy is second to none. His knowledge, experience (and patience!) is exemplary. His teaching ability is equally impressive. As a teacher myself, it's easy for me to recognize how thoroughly and clearly he explains everything, which are attributes of a great teacher.Since you can't learn all the skills necessary for self-d... read more

    Ellen Artuso Avatar
    Ellen Artuso

    Pros: Safe, non-intimidating, high quality, professional, engaging, well-delivered, and effective private tactical pistol instruction.Cons: Not a huge deal but his office is located somewhat far from me so the first session was a bit of a drive but well worth it. Don't let distance dissuade you.I didn’t have any prior training or experience with pistols before taking his class so I don’t have anything else to compare to but this is a review of my first two training sessions with Andy in Nov 201... read more

    A Google User Avatar
    A Google User

    After attending four classes as well as several 'fun shoots', competitions held by Andy and the TFA crew, I am reaffirmed that Andy is the best instructor regarding tactics and firearm training in South Florida.His method of speaking along with his real world know how reinforce his absolute 'this is what you need to stay in the fight, end the fight'.If you are a new firearm owner, someone seeking training to protect yourself and your family, or even an accomplished recreational shooter looking t... read more

    David Bonner Avatar
    David Bonner
  • Just finished private sessions Tactical Pistol 1 with Andy. I have taken other courses but they did not cover malfunctions, reloads, support hand shooting and holster work. The private instruction was professional and convenient for me since TFA,s classes did not line up with my work schedule. I will be continuing my firearms training at TFA.

    Rudy Urbano Avatar
    Rudy Urbano

    Carbine/Patrol Rifle fundamentals class. Clewiston location 3/24/18 - For anyone that wants to initially gain or improve their self defense skills using a carbine this is a great class. I took this class with my son and our expectations turned out to be low. Andy and Terry are real pros. They'll keep you safe while hammering in the basic operation methods and how to respond to malfunctions. The class size allows for the instructors to effectively address an individual student directly during... read more

    calmistheway Avatar

    Took my first structured firearms coarse (Tactical Pistol 1) with TFA. I wasn't sure what to expect but was so pleased with the class I have already recommended it to anyone that will listen. Andy, Dave and Shawn were very thorough, informative and helpful as they are definitely masters of their craft. I like how they make you accountable for your technique and results by not issuing a passing grade just for showing up. I recommend this class to any one that wants to learn how to PROPERLY use a... read more

    Nick Rivera Avatar
    Nick Rivera

    I most recently took the Carbine Fundamentals course with TFA. It was a comprehensive class, covering the AR15 platform itself, use of a sling, zero, manipulations, dealing with malfunctions, transitions, and shooting from 5 yards out to 100 yards from standing, kneeling and prone positions. The course stresses the fundamentals of marksmanship throughout and overall, I found it to be a great introduction to the Carbine. I highly recommend it.I also thoroughly enjoyed taking the Tactical Pistol I... read more

    Sergio Akselrad Avatar
    Sergio Akselrad
  • Andy at Tactical Firearms Academy is in a league of his own when it comes to his ability to effectively get students up to speed. If you attend his class with an open mind, you will be a better shooter at the end of the day. I will warn you, his courses are no joke. Be prepared for a long day with a lot of shooting.

    Greyson Pendry Avatar
    Greyson Pendry

    Outstanding experience, the instructors were very professional and knowledgeable. This class will prepare you if you want to conceal carry or you own a pistol handgun at home for self preservation.

    dania Gómez Avatar
    dania Gómez

    I took the Learning the Shotgun course with my brothers and father and I am planning on retaking this course in a few months as a refresher. For the level of training you will receive, the price is reasonable and the ability to retake the same course at a discounted rate is a great option to have. Andy's knowledge of the tactical application of the shotgun was impressive. I have used a shotgun my whole life for hunting and knew it to be a highly effective tool for home defense. Andy took my know... read more

    adam patrick Avatar
    adam patrick

    I took the Carbine Fundamentals class with TFA lead by Andy at the Trail Glades range in Miami. This is a great opportunity to gain great knowledge and insight on the operation of the carbine (semi-automatic patrol rifle). You will learn the complete breakdown, functionality and proper manipulation of this platform, learn how to properly identify and address failures and malfunctions, and learn how to operate the carbine at different distances. This is a great class for shooters new to the carb... read more

    Chris Gaston Avatar
    Chris Gaston
  • Great knowledgeable instructors, I felt safe during the class, I learn the fundamentals of a perfect shot.Once you understand the basic principles, every shot counts and it's on target.It was important to shoot on a realistic scenario, getting into the right mindset and take the training to the farthest possible point.I would recommend this class for any level shooter, the only way to master an art is to practice basic fundamentals over and over and then once more.

    Alex Davila Avatar
    Alex Davila

    Took the Tactical Pistol 1 course this past weekend. Absolutely awesome. Had some experience prior to taking the course but, I definitely learned a lot in the class. Environment was safe and comfortable. They will explain to you every reason why they do what they do. Down to Earth and these guys know what they're doing. Definitely looking into taking some of the other courses they offer. They will make sure that you get your money's worth, one of the instructors or range officers will help you o... read more

    Harrison Mc Avatar
    Harrison Mc

    Carbine/Patrol Rifle Fundamentals. Andy is a 1st class instructor. It was made clear from the first minute of class that my safety and the safety of the other students was his top priority. I wanted to do it right and by taking this class I am in a much better position to make my first AR purchase. I would highly recommend weather you own an AR or not taking this class to get yourself ahead of the curve.

    Rich E Avatar
    Rich E

    This is by far the best firearms training available. From beginners who want learn to pros who want to hone their skills, there is a training course for everyone. Regular shooting events for students at low prices, fun atmosphere and friendly people. My trainer for life!

    Carlos Casas Avatar
    Carlos Casas
  • Awesome training. Andy is an excellent teacher. Very informative and great learning environment.

    Huguette Lyttle Avatar
    Huguette Lyttle

    By far the best class and I have ever taken! Andy is a great instructor who takes his time with students and breaks down everything. In the middle of the class he called a break and while everyone was getting water he took me aside to work on trigger control with me. Highly recommend TFA!

    Giancarlo Chaveco Avatar
    Giancarlo Chaveco

    Andy and crew were great and very knowledgeable the training was more then I had anticipated glad I had opportunity to take the carbine fundamentals class can’t wait to take next class. Awesome experience highly recommend

    tony vivirito Avatar
    tony vivirito

    Great Class. Andy is a unbelievable instructor. I took the Tactical 1 course. Very hands on course. They want you to leave shooting well. They talk a lot about pistol positioning and how to safely use a handgun. They helped me with sighting and how to properly press the trigger. Now it is up to me to apply what I learned so I can become a better shot. Next I will be taking the Tactical 2 course.

    Greg Huxman Avatar
    Greg Huxman
  • On 08.27.2016, I had the opportunity to take the Tactical Pistol I training course. This was a wonderful experience. TFA demonstrated to be a very professional and well organized organization. The teaching team, led by Andy Blaschik (its owner) was outstanding. They were working along with us guiding and correcting any flaws and addressing our concerns on the spot.Each of the eight fundamentals of combat marksmanship were fullest explained and put in practice. I could not be more pleased for... read more

    JCMBIN Avatar

    In searching for a firearms course and instructor, no group came more highly recommended than Tactical Fire Arms Academy. They are extremely professional and knowledgeable with firearms training and defense. I have taken classes with other instructors and companies in the past, and they were nothing compared to TFA. TFA showed me things that were so fundamental to shooting that I was surprised that other companies missed it. I am a better shooter today thanks to TFA. I look forward to taking man... read more

    Gideon Schnog Avatar
    Gideon Schnog

    Andy and his team are some of the best and most practical instructors out there. I found they did a particularly good job of meeting each shooter at their particular level during the Tactical Pistol 1 course that I took with them Nov 18, 2017. *Update: I also took advantage of Andy's refresher program on 4/2818 and retook Tactical pistol 1 with my carry gun, very different experience and learned a ton more about myself and my firearm. Will definitely continue training with Andy and TFA!

    Jacob Summers Avatar
    Jacob Summers

    There are a lot of firearm instructors out there. Very few have the true qualifications that these guys have. From winning competitions to having the ability to constantly put lead on target for demonstrations..... These guys have it.But there are several people that have the skills to shoot, these guys also have the skills to TEACH. What good is a teacher that is a great shooter if he can't teach YOU to perform? These guys have a proven program that can take a novice to an expert. The technique... read more

    Ron Hill Avatar
    Ron Hill
  • This is the best firearms instruction down in South Florida hands down! All of the instructors are experts in their field of law enforcement and Firearms Law & regulations. These are classes that are not range specific and teach a set of skills to allow one to survive in a real gunfight in the real world. I highly recommend this training to anyone that is thinking about carrying a firearm or having one for self defense.

    Anthony Garcia-Prieto Avatar
    Anthony Garcia-Prieto

    On Saturday of Memorial Day weekend I trained again with Tactical Firearms Academy, this time, Tactical Pistol 1. Again a very positive experience. Andy gives you what you pay for. If you want intensive, safety based, hands on training, you will benefit from this course, especially if you are a CWP holder and have never had any training. You will improve your gunhandling/safety skills, and be given the tools and techniques to clear malfunctions, safely load and unload your weapon, draw from a ho... read more

    Mike Shockley Avatar
    Mike Shockley

    Just took Force on Force for the 3rd time. It was great training and a lot of fun. Every time I take the class I learn a ton of new information. I have recommended this class to several friends, infact a few of them took the class with me this weekend.

    Alex Longsworth Avatar
    Alex Longsworth

    I have to say what an AMAZING instructor Andy is. Most ppl would just go through the course, hand over a piece of paper and send us on our way to be armed and unknowingly dangerous to ourselves and others..... This is the best gift/ suggestion that any person could have given me. Thank you for what you do and the dedication you have in doing and teaching your craft.

    S. Correa Avatar
    S. Correa
  • Overall a great carbine fundamentals class with Andy Blaschik and Dale.Pros: Good safety standards. Plenty of trigger time. Good techniques and excellent drills that expose where you are strong and where you are not.Cons: Farm animals roam the range and they were a distraction on two occasions.

    Giovanni Ortiz Avatar
    Giovanni Ortiz

    I completed Andy Tactical Firearms Pistol 1 course on Dec 29,2018.I've been a full-time freediving instructor since 2005. I am rarely impressed by instructors. When I encounter an instructor my assumption is they will be very good at what they do, but not very good at the actual instruction part.Andy is an excellent instructor. It is obvious that safety is parament. He had nine people shooting firearms without metal dividers between everyone like you would see on a range. This requires an orderl... read more

    Ted Harty Avatar
    Ted Harty

    Highly recommended! From first time shooter to experts. I took a private training session and learned more than I expected. Quality over quantity! I could not be happier with my experience can't wait for my next season!

    Oscar Rodriguez Avatar
    Oscar Rodriguez

    What I thought I knew was expanded upon incredibly! My shot placement and technique just in the one day class improved dramatically. The instructors were very professional and made each step of learning understood and the reason behind it. I can't wait for Combat Pistol 2!

    Paul Legge Avatar
    Paul Legge
  • I am a graduate of the Tactical Pistol 1 class (9/27/14) ;-). This is my first class with Andy and I have to admit that when I saw his tag line ("your trainer for life") I thought it was a bit pretentious. I have taken several other pistol trainings but nothing compares to the level of quality, quantity and professionalism delivered by Andy and his assistant for that event. It covered the 8 fundamentals of marksmanship (you will have to attend to get them and how to fix the 4 most common issu... read more

    David Navarro Avatar
    David Navarro

    Andy was great on all levels. Having a CWP is not just a right, it carries a huge responsibility and Andy made sure we are prepared and knowledgeable on all fronts.Thank you.

    Keith Lasota Avatar
    Keith Lasota

    I just attended the Tactical Pistol I all-day class with Andy, and I could not be happier with the results. He's a fantastic and very experienced instructor who really stresses the importance of key concepts such as proper weapon education, weapon handling, situational awareness, training, and so much more. Him and his assistant instructors break down concepts for you and analyze what it is that you're doing wrong in the moment so that you can correct these errors and improve. At the end of the ... read more

    SRTLarx Avatar

    My wife and I did a private class with Andy Blaschik and we left 100% satisfied. We opted by taking the all day (7 hours) Multi-Gun Competition Course. We own weapons in all three disciplines so we wanted to get out to the field and learn as much as possible on this very active sport. Andy was magnificent! His professionalism, patience and outgoingness made us feel very comfortable. We learned so much in so little time and we definitely would recommend to anyone. Confidence (together with Mind S... read more

    Art Vallejo Avatar
    Art Vallejo

What about a firearms instructors licenses, certifications, and experience?

Great question! Florida does not require a license to teach firearms but a true instructor will have taken that extra step to become certified.  TFA has experience that rivals most of the competition, competitively speaking and in actual practice. We have over 50 years combined experience teaching the safe use of firearms, hold extensive law enforcement and private certifications plus have applied our skills at shooting competitions throughout the U.S.

TFA has spent countless hours of extensive training with nationally recognized organizations earning certifications such as Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) Firearms Instructor, and State of Florida Firearms Instructor, International Association of Law Enforcement Instructors (IALEFI) Master Instructor Certifications, as well as the National Rifle Association of America (NRA) Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor.  TFA is licensed by the U.S. Department of State to train foreign national students (DSP-5) which is required if you are not a U.S. citizen and seeking firearms instruction. We provide the H.R. 218 Qualification for retired law enforcement as well as Florida Security Officer certifications, just to name a few.

Legally possessing a firearm is a responsibility not to be taken lightly.  Learning safe handling of firearms is the first step for responsible gun ownership. TFA has the capability to train you as an elite law enforcement agent while keeping your civilian status, with a lot less push-ups too. Many of our students are police officers or recruits seeking to improve their shooting skills for career advancement or safety on the streets.

TFA strives to be professional above and beyond everything else. If you have taken a firearms class before, you may have noticed the egos and various  personalities that exist in this industry. If not, let this be your first lesson we teach. Trainers and members of the shooting industry are not required to show they have a lack of respect to new shooters just starting or have been shooting since they were in diapers. We treat you, as we want to be treated. We keep a focus on safety, but allow ourselves, and you, to have fun and even smile and laugh once in awhile.

The connections Tactical Firearms Academy makes with our students are what give us the ability to be entrusted to be “Your Trainer For Life.”